Frequently Asked Questions

Does your service effect my warranty?

No. Any customisation carried out by Bespoke Projects is purely cosmetic and does not effect your warranty.

Can I purchase the appliances from you?

No. Gagganau appliances can only be purchased through authorised dealers. Find your nearest dealer here:

Bespoke Projects only customise your appliances.

At what stage do you customise my appliances?

Customisation may be arranged prior to installation, through your authorised Gaggenau partner. Alternatively, customisation can be arranged post installation, at your convenience.

How much does customisation cost?

The cost of customisation varies, dependant upon the work required. Contact us for a detailed quote. If you have any questions - just ask!

How long does customisation take?

Customisation time varies dependant upon the work required. An accurate lead time will be agreed at time of quoting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All customisation work carried out by Bespoke Projects comes with a lifetime warranty.