What We Do


We understand you are excited about purchasing your 400 Series Gaggenau cooking products, but why be aesthetically limited? How do you incorporate these beautiful appliances further into your project?


We discuss ideas - yours and ours.

We believe this is the only way to produce an end result that we will be proud and excited about.

Different colours, different metals, engraving - 

the options are endless!


We customise the stainless steel panel from behind the glass, so your new appliances will seamlessly integrate into your project, in a way you never thought possible. The only limit is your imagination!

400 Series Gaggenau appliances, 'Distressed Concrete'.

Art Inspiration

Make your ovens the focal point of your kitchen by transforming them into a work of art,   with high-res digitally printed images onto high-heat resistant vinyl, that is then attached to the stainless steel panel behind the glass. 

Choose an image, pattern or geometric shape. Anything is possible.

Metal Inspiration

Select a metal accent within your project and customise your ovens to match. This may be a tap, handles or even a light fitting. We will lacquer and bake that finish onto the stainless steel panel, behind the glass

Colour-matched metals such as brass, copper or bronze

are truly unique.







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